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17.4 CrossFit Open Tips

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17.4 CrossFit Open Tips

Jame Headon’s 17.4 CrossFit Open Tips


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We are now four workouts in and into the later stages of the Open. The fourth workout of the 2017 CrossFit Open is a repeat of 16.4 from Last year and is a 13 minute A.M.R.A.P (As many rounds/reps as possible) of 55 Deadlifts, 55 Wall-Ball Shots, 55 Calorie Row and 55 Handstand Push-Ups (HSPU) . You can find Jamie’s blog and video from last year here. Here is some notes from last years blog:


  • Break them early. Try to stay at the bar, don’t be tempted step away
  • Try to breathe through your stomach, don’t take big breaths.
  • Do some box breathing or floor breathing in your warm-up

Wall-Ball Shots

After the deadlift your legs are going to feel tired and your black will be blown up so the main tips here are:

  • Stretch out your wrists before starting – roll them a little bit
  • Get straight into – Don’t loose time putting the ball down keep it up.

Calorie Row

  • Work hard from the start – get over the 900-1,000 mark
  • Aim to hold that pace the whole way through

Hand Stand Push-ups

By this stage you will be certainly feeling the burn but there’s a couple of things you can do to make the hand stand push-ups  a bit easier on yourself:

  • Get your measurements right. Put down tape on the mat/floor – use it as a guideline to ensure you don’t put hands too wide
  • Every time you push up, focus on pointing your toes down to the floor and heels up.
  • Use shoe tape on your heels – this will reduce friction and make your feet slide along the wall nicely


We hope that 17.1 17.2 and 17.3 of the Open went well and you are now ready for the third workout, 17.4! You can find a full list of all all the different versions including scaled versions of 17.4 of the CrossFit Open here. Also if you haven’t seen Jamie’s blog on tips you can apply to the whole Open, make sure you check it out now before you take on the final workout. These tips can also be applied to your day to day training. Check out Jamie’s key tips on doing your best in the Open.



Open Workout 17.4 Standards


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