C2F Classes

Try our range of classes including LIFT, HYROX, CrossFit and many more


LIFT: This is a high volume strength & conditioning class.
This high intensity workout focuses on building strength, volume and muscle toning.
The weights used in this class are moderate weights performed for multiple reps.
This class is great for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.


HYROX: This class is going to make you Fitter and Stronger. This class is a mix between strength, endurance and determination. This class is suitable for beginners or advanced athletes. This is a high energy class that is scalable to all levels of fitness.The key components of this class are – Running – Ski Erg- Sled Push- Sled Pull- Burpee Broad Jumps- Rowing – Farmers Carry- Weighted Lunges- Wall Balls
This class is great for intermediate and advanced levels.


CROSSFIT: Experience the intensity and teamwork of our CrossFit class! Push your limits with dynamic, high-intensity workouts that combine elements of weightlifting, cardio, and functional movements. Train with Jamie Headon (CrossFit Games Athlete), each class is designed to challenge and push you, regardless of your fitness level. Join our community and push yourself to new limits.
This class is great for intermediate and advanced levels.


KIDS ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT: This is a 6 week training program for 7-12 year olds who want to develop a variety of skills for health, fitness and sport! Through fun and engaging activities, the kids learn fundamental movement skills, improve coordination, and build strength and agility in a supportive and inclusive environment. Our program instills confidence, teamwork, and a love for fitness.


MASTERS: This is our exclusive club for those over 50! Designed for all fitness levels, this class focuses on movement, strength, fitness, and flexibility to enhance your overall well-being and keep you fit and healthy. Join a group who are in for the fitness as much as the social gatherings!