CrossFit Classes

The nitty gritty of what we do

CrossFit Classes

Bring your training to the next level with one of our 60 Minute Classes. To get the most out of your session our classes are broken into 3 segments: strength, skill and WOD.

Strength Training

Strength training makes you stronger and fitter. It is the foundation of all movement.
Focus on good technique and mechanics.
Building strength in Functional Movements including Squat/Deadlift/Press movements under the guidance of a coach.

Learn New Skills

Develop your Gymnastic/Olympic lifting skills to reach your full potential.
Push your body, learn new skills and see what it can really do!
From building core strength to learning skills like pull ups, muscle ups handstands, rope climbs, the list of progressions is never ending.

Met Con/WOD

High intensity workout that combines Aerobic, strength and skill training to push your body and get the results you are training for. Your body is smart and adapts to routine.
The WOD consists of “constantly varied” functional movements performed at high intensity to achieve overall physical fitness, to prepare you for any physical challenge.
The WOD can be scaled for all levels in the class, increasing/decreasing weights/scaling gymnastics/skill movements.


The one thing that separates CrossFit from other Strength and conditioning programmes and other gyms is the community.

Training together makes you feel like part of a team. The group environment and encouraging atmosphere helps you push harder in workouts and overcome obstacles.

Everyone in the gym is there to work hard and achieve their individual targets. Training in an atmosphere like that makes it impossible not to succeed!

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