Jame Headon’s 18.4 CrossFit Open Tips

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Jame Headon’s 18.4 CrossFit Open Tips

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Warm Up

  • Mobalize shoulders
  • Single arm kb press
  • Over head kb walks
  • HS holds


  • Break and know your limits
  • Don’t go to failure
  • Save energy for HSPU
  • Try do min sets of 2 to use the bounce, don’t go to singles if possible


  • Focus on an explosive kick out of the bottom
  • Break as needed don’t get no reps
  • Don’t pause for a long time at the bottom
  • Brace core at the bottom don’t arch
  • Kick straight up- don’t bring your heals against the wall


Heavy deadlifts- have a belt ready

Good luck on the Handstand walks!


You can find a full list of all all the different versions including scaled versions of 18.4 of the CrossFit Open here. Also if you haven’t seen Jamie’s blog on tips you can apply to the whole Open, make sure you check it out now before you take on the final workout. These tips can also be applied to your day to day training. Check out Jamie’s key tips on doing your best in the Open from last year. Best of luck!

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