Road to regionals

Jamie Headon Headon Road To Regionals – Episode 5

By May 30, 2017 No Comments
With just a couple of days left to the Meridian Regionals in Madrid, we have look to see how Jamie’s mindset is. In Episode 5 we also look at what Jamie has changed this year, how he is approaching the regionals and learn more about his coaching philosophy and why he loves it.


From being nervous…. to being terrified and thinking this is actually going to happen.. to being really excited

Make sure to follow Jamie on Instagram to see all of his prep here (http://instagram.com/jamie_h77) and follow Chapter2fitness here https://www.instagram.com/chapter2fitness/. If you missed the first two episodes make sure to watch Episode one here,  Episode two here and three here and finally Episode 4 here.


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