Meet the Members

Meet the Members – Ciara O’Reilly

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Name: Ciara O’Reilly

Age: 29

Occupation: Primary school teacher

Sport: Gymnastics/Trampolining

When did you join Chapter 2 Fitness: August 2015


Training background:  

Gymnastics was my sport from about 8 to 18, after this I coached for about 5 years. In college I did some Trampolining and one or two competitions. After this I joined Ben Dunne for a few years but then got bored so decided to join C2F!


What do you like about training at Chapter 2 Fitness?

I love that everyday in C2F is different. It’s very different from going to a typical gym where you follow your own programme or do what you feel like on that given day. Your body doesn’t get used to any exercise as you’re working a whole different muscle group from one day to the next. You push yourself to the max and are secretly competing with everyone else in the workout! Everything is explained in detail and you don’t feel like an eejit if you have to ask more questions.

Another great aspect is the sociability of the gym. Everyone is so friendly and makes a huge effort to include you and encourage you along. Not to mention the nights out! #carnage


What positive changes have you noticed since you started training here?

I definitely feel much more toned and my fitness level has hugely improved. As part of some warm-ups we do a 400m run. You wouldn’t think 400m is a big ask but as someone who wasn’t used to running it was something that I found quite difficult when I first started C2F, now it’s a doddle. It’s small improvements like this that you see all the time which really encourage you to keep training.


Would you recommend Chapter2Fitness and if so why:   

When I first started C2f I said to myself if I go to the classes 3 times a week it will be worth while money wise and to be honest I thought three times per week was enough exercise. I remember asking some of the other girls how many times they trained and was shocked that most of them trained 5+ times per week. I was thinking that seems a bit much and to be honest a bit extreme!

Now I am up there with the best of them in the gym nearly every day. It’s a total addiction and the buzz you get from the craic in the class and how you feel after is like nothing else. There are days that I go into the gym feeling so tired and leave full of energy. The atmosphere is so warm and everyone is so welcoming. It’s a place you leave in a better mood than the one you came in with.