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Nutrition – The Other Piece of the Health Puzzle

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Jayne O’Toole Nutrition Coach & C2F Athlete

Certified Nutrition Coach


The confusing and ever changing world of nutrition can seem daunting to enter. We look online, in magazines or on TV and we are bombarded with different diets, detoxes, plans , cleanses and so on all promising to change your life and give you washboard abs  or lose a huge amount of weight in a temptingly short timeline! Who doesn’t want that magic pill right?

With all this flying around it’s very easy to get confused or end up in a cycle of disordered eating and disappointment.

Can it be simplified? Is there a way to eat a healthy balanced diet without over complication, massive restriction or special potions?

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The simple answer is yes!  Based on my studies in Sports Nutrition with Precision nutrition I believe that you can learn methods to achieve a healthy body composition, build lean muscle and even boost performance without “dieting” and unhealthy restriction. Consistency in activity and nutrition will lead to positive sustainable results that no fad diet or magic pill can compete with no matter how pretty the packaging
I was approached last year to introduce my Real Nutrition Challenge to the members at Chapter 2 Fitness as the team here wanted to ensure that their members had access to nutritional support and coaching. My approach focuses on the development of healthy sustainable nutrition for life which was seen as a good fit for the C2F community

The concept is that this challenge will realistically fit into a busy lifestyle while achieving results that are sustainable after the challenge is complete.  The tools you learn can be sustained around work, training, family, travel and other commitments.  The goal is that participants walk away from this challenge having learned how to kick-start a life of healthier eating while also learning the basics of fuelling performance.

Improved body composition and fat loss is a wonderful by-product of applying the tools learned in this challenge.  However unlike other challenges I wanted to set participants up for continued success. My challenge is not about extreme weight loss, deprivation or restriction.  Developing better habits can be challenging initially but ultimately rewarding and most importantly sustainable.

The challenge involves more than what you eat as certain lifestyle changes will contribute to your overall health fitness and wellbeing. Eating right, getting active and prioritising rest and recovery all play a key role in wellness.  I touch on all of these factors throughout the process offering advice and support as it progresses.

My nutrition coaching hasn’t been the only thing that was a good fit, I was so impressed with the warmth community spirit, and standard of athletes that I decided to move gym and join the C2F community as a member.  I’m almost as passionate about my training as I am about nutrition so finding somewhere that makes me feel so welcome and excited to train is invaluable. I’ve already seen some notable improvements in gymnastics thanks to some fantastic coaching and advice from Jamie Headon.  I’m really looking forward to developing as a member of the team and fantastic community!


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After 2  successful runs of my initial challenge that saw impressive dedication from members leading to  significant improvements in body fat %, lean muscle development, weight loss and  performance. Another recurring piece of feedback has been that participants felt they had the confidence that they would sustain the results and felt they had developed a healthier relationship with food!  Knowing that people have learned the tools to continue on a healthier, happier path with sustainable results is the best outcome possible to me.  What’s the point of losing 5 kg to gain back 6 and feel like a failure?

I’ve worked on the past 2 challenges with a diverse range of age, genders, body composition and goals.  Every participant I reviewed achieved something significant and positive from those who applied every step on point and lost several kg and even one participant who reduced their body fat from 30 % to 19% (5 weeks of perfect compliance) to others who felt that they couldn’t give 100 % and still saw significant results, realising that all it took was some consistent positive changes.

Getting active and eating better is something you will never regret. The impact it has on all aspects of your life is huge.   I know my love of CrossFit and all things fitness and nutrition has had a profound impact on me mentally and physically it’s why I’m so passionate about coaching others.

With that in mind I will be introducing some changes to The Real Nutrition challenge structure heading into 2017!

I will now have 2 levels to choose from.



Level 1 is perfect for those who want to learn tools to improve their overall approach to healthier eating.  I will introduce you to proven methods regarding portion control and nutrient balance tailored to your specific requirements without the need of weighing food or counting calories.  You will learn the basics of fuelling performance and how to time your nutrition around your workouts. This challenge will teach you sustainable habits you can apply long term while helping you to reduce weight (where applicable) and more importantly body fat while building lean muscle and sustaining performance.



Level 2 I would recommend for those who wish to try something more challenging and want to start really dialling in on their nutrition .This challenge will require measuring, weighing and tracking of calories and macronutrients. I will set participants calorie and macronutrient targets to follow and track.  Some knowledge and experience along with willingness to meal prep and track would be beneficial.


I work with a variety of clients from varying backgrounds and athletic ability the majority of which I work with on similar principles to what I offer in my Level 1 challenge. Some of my clients with more specific athletic or body composition goals would use a more dialled in approach developing further on from what is offered in the Level 2 challenge.


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For more information on the challenges and if you are interested in coming on board in my next run or in a personal programme email jayne@chapter2fitness. Or come ask me a question if you see me before or after class!