Road to regionals

Jamie Headon Road to Regionals – Episode 2

Tune in every week to watch Jamie Headon prepare for the 2017 Meridian Regionals. This year Jamie qualified 13th in Europe awarding him a place in the  Meridian regionals to compete against the best athletes in Europe and for a spot at the CrossFit Games.

Watch Jamie as he shows us some of his training routine and an insight into the mindset, dedication and work of a Regionals athlete and make sure to follow him on Instagram to see all of his prep here! (http://instagram.com/jamie_h77) and follow Chapter two fitness here https://www.instagram.com/chapter2fitness/


This week we look at Jamie’s journey through the open to qualify 13th in Europe for the 2017 Meridian Megionals Jamie talks about his mental game through out the past year, the 2017 open and his attitude going into competition in Madrid.


We also see some clips from Jamie’s open workouts pushing to his physical limits and an insight into his Regionals training.


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