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Nutrition – The Other Piece of the Health Puzzle



Jayne O’Toole Nutrition Coach & C2F Athlete

Certified Nutrition Coach


The confusing and ever changing world of nutrition can seem daunting to enter. We look online, in magazines or on TV and we are bombarded with different diets, detoxes, plans , cleanses and so on all promising to change your life and give you washboard abs  or lose a huge amount of weight in a temptingly short timeline! Who doesn’t want that magic pill right?

With all this flying around it’s very easy to get confused or end up in a cycle of disordered eating and disappointment.

Can it be simplified? Is there a way to eat a healthy balanced diet without over complication, massive restriction or special potions?

Jayne O'toole CrossFit

The simple answer is yes!  Based on my studies in Sports Nutrition with Precision nutrition I believe that you can learn methods to achieve a healthy body composition, build lean muscle and even boost performance without “dieting” and unhealthy restriction. Consistency in activity and nutrition will lead to positive sustainable results that no fad diet or magic pill can compete with no matter how pretty the packaging
I was approached last year to introduce my Real Nutrition Challenge to the members at Chapter 2 Fitness as the team here wanted to ensure that their members had access to nutritional support and coaching. My approach focuses on the development of healthy sustainable nutrition for life which was seen as a good fit for the C2F community

The concept is that this challenge will realistically fit into a busy lifestyle while achieving results that are sustainable after the challenge is complete.  The tools you learn can be sustained around work, training, family, travel and other commitments.  The goal is that participants walk away from this challenge having learned how to kick-start a life of healthier eating while also learning the basics of fuelling performance.

Improved body composition and fat loss is a wonderful by-product of applying the tools learned in this challenge.  However unlike other challenges I wanted to set participants up for continued success. My challenge is not about extreme weight loss, deprivation or restriction.  Developing better habits can be challenging initially but ultimately rewarding and most importantly sustainable.

The challenge involves more than what you eat as certain lifestyle changes will contribute to your overall health fitness and wellbeing. Eating right, getting active and prioritising rest and recovery all play a key role in wellness.  I touch on all of these factors throughout the process offering advice and support as it progresses.

My nutrition coaching hasn’t been the only thing that was a good fit, I was so impressed with the warmth community spirit, and standard of athletes that I decided to move gym and join the C2F community as a member.  I’m almost as passionate about my training as I am about nutrition so finding somewhere that makes me feel so welcome and excited to train is invaluable. I’ve already seen some notable improvements in gymnastics thanks to some fantastic coaching and advice from Jamie Headon.  I’m really looking forward to developing as a member of the team and fantastic community!


Nutrition Tips


After 2  successful runs of my initial challenge that saw impressive dedication from members leading to  significant improvements in body fat %, lean muscle development, weight loss and  performance. Another recurring piece of feedback has been that participants felt they had the confidence that they would sustain the results and felt they had developed a healthier relationship with food!  Knowing that people have learned the tools to continue on a healthier, happier path with sustainable results is the best outcome possible to me.  What’s the point of losing 5 kg to gain back 6 and feel like a failure?

I’ve worked on the past 2 challenges with a diverse range of age, genders, body composition and goals.  Every participant I reviewed achieved something significant and positive from those who applied every step on point and lost several kg and even one participant who reduced their body fat from 30 % to 19% (5 weeks of perfect compliance) to others who felt that they couldn’t give 100 % and still saw significant results, realising that all it took was some consistent positive changes.

Getting active and eating better is something you will never regret. The impact it has on all aspects of your life is huge.   I know my love of CrossFit and all things fitness and nutrition has had a profound impact on me mentally and physically it’s why I’m so passionate about coaching others.

With that in mind I will be introducing some changes to The Real Nutrition challenge structure heading into 2017!

I will now have 2 levels to choose from.



Level 1 is perfect for those who want to learn tools to improve their overall approach to healthier eating.  I will introduce you to proven methods regarding portion control and nutrient balance tailored to your specific requirements without the need of weighing food or counting calories.  You will learn the basics of fuelling performance and how to time your nutrition around your workouts. This challenge will teach you sustainable habits you can apply long term while helping you to reduce weight (where applicable) and more importantly body fat while building lean muscle and sustaining performance.



Level 2 I would recommend for those who wish to try something more challenging and want to start really dialling in on their nutrition .This challenge will require measuring, weighing and tracking of calories and macronutrients. I will set participants calorie and macronutrient targets to follow and track.  Some knowledge and experience along with willingness to meal prep and track would be beneficial.


I work with a variety of clients from varying backgrounds and athletic ability the majority of which I work with on similar principles to what I offer in my Level 1 challenge. Some of my clients with more specific athletic or body composition goals would use a more dialled in approach developing further on from what is offered in the Level 2 challenge.


Jayne Kettlebelle Nutrition


For more information on the challenges and if you are interested in coming on board in my next run or in a personal programme email jayne@chapter2fitness. Or come ask me a question if you see me before or after class!



Pull Up Progressions | Kipping Swing to Butterfly

Pull Up Progressions


Pull Up Progressions – Jamie Headon

Over the past two weeks we have shared with you Jamie’s tips on Pull Up Progressions, starting off with the Kipping Swing, progressing to the Kipping Pull Up and moving on to the more complex gymnastic skill, the Butterfly Pull Up. We have compiled the three blogs together to give you one blog as a resource for your own progression through these skills.


Progression 1 – The Kipping Swing

The first step is perfecting the Kipping Swing. If you are interested in developing your core strength, improving your scapular stability or are looking to learn how to do Kipping Pull Ups, then it is crucial to work on your Kipping Swing. Check out the first video of our Pull Up progressions below where Jamie is sharing his tips on how to perfect the Kip with some basic drills that include;

  • Hollow Hold
  • Hollow Rock
  • Hollow Arch
  • Bar Drills

Learn how to do these drills and then start implementing them into your training.

“Don’t break from the hips or the shoulders”



Progression 2 – The Kipping Pull Up

The Kipping pull up is a CrossFit Gymnastics skill. We do not use this skill to build strength, we use it to accumulate an element of gymnastics  volume in our workouts. The kipping pull up done correctly requires a huge amount of core strength and control. To perfect this movement we perform numerous floor drills focused on strengthening the Abbs, glutes and lower back.

As CF Gym we train a lot of strict pulling work which passes over into our gymnastics and Olympic lifting. This includes Scap work, strict pull ups and progressions such as negatives and isometric holds. Before you can do kipping work we make sure all athletes have gone through their strict progressions and have both the mobility and strength in their shoulders to learn the Kipping swing and kipping pull up.

The kipping pull up is a very useful tool and is the first stepping  stone before learning harder progressions such as chest to bar pull ups, bar muscle ups and work on the rings. The kipping pull up is not to be mistaken as our only method of performing pull ups. Strict pull ups are a huge part of strength work which are often not seen in our daily workouts (WOD) but are a big part of our strength piece. Check out the video below on how to perform the Kipping Pull up correctly.



Progression 3 – The Butterfly Pull Up

Moving on from the Kipping Swing and the Kipping Pull Up, we are going to have a look at another gymnastic movement, the Butterfly Pull Up. In CrossFit, your ability to be efficient with exercises and to perform movements quickly has a significant effect on your scores. The Butterfly Pull Up is a gymnastic skill that helps you improve both of these aspects and ultimately helps dramatically improve your WOD times. The final video below shows how to perfect this movement. If there is a particular skill or exercise you would like to learn more about and get Jamie’s tips, let us know!


16.1 CrossFit Open Expert Tips

16.1 Crossfit Open


So the first workout of the 2016 CrossFit Open, aka 16.1 has been announced. The workout is a 20 min A.M.R.A.P and is listed below in the official video. Are you wandering how to do your best? Unsure of what strategy to take? Want to know how to avoid pitfalls that will loose you time? Dont worry, here is a video from Ireland’s No.1 ranked CrossFitter and Chapter 2 Fitness Coach, Jamie Headon with his tips on how to strategise for this workout and do the best you can.


“The hardest part for me was between that 12 – 16 minute mark”



“Stay relaxed in my shoulders and let my shoulders drop, and that’s going to let me breath”

You can find a full list of all the movement standards and scaled versions of 16.1 of the CrossFit Open here. Jamie took on 16.1 this morning and was happy with the results. Remember it’s important to enjoy yourself throughout the workouts. If you are taking part in the 2016 CrossFit Open then make sure you don’t go in blind. Check out Jamie’s 5 key tips on doing your best in the Open. Watch this space as Jamie will be giving us all his tips every Friday.


Jamie Headon’s 2016 CrossFit Open Tips

Crossfit Open at Crossfit C2F


It is coming up to that time of the year again where athletes of all levels across the globe will be taking part in the 2016 CrossFit Open.  I have put together 5 key tips to help you get the most out of the Open!


1. Know the movements that are likely to come up

Every year the same “Gymnastic” movements show up in the CrossFit Open that seem to catch everyone out. These include Pull ups, Toes to bar, Muscle ups and more recently Chest to bar pull ups and Hand stand push ups (HSPU). These movements usually catch people out as they are mostly performed under fatigue after a big set of Burpees, wall balls, etc. Find a number of reps that you can always do comfortably without requiring a long break to get back on the bar. This will help you strategize and chip away at a high skill workout without maxing out, taking long breaks, getting stuck or loosing your kipping swing leaving you unable to complete any more reps.


2. Look After your hands

5 weeks of workouts is a long time. The last thing you want is to tear your hands in week one and have a nasty cut for the remainder of the Open. Get tape (Rocktape is good) and make sure to get used to training with tape on your fingers. It seems basic but you will know all about it when half your hand is left on the bar.


Jamie Headon & Mathew Fraser


3. Have a Strategy

Take some time to look at the workout. Pick out what you are good at and what might slow you down.  Set a realistic target of how far you are going to get and how you are going to get there. Don’t fall into everyone else’s plan. I like to imagine myself doing the workout. This allows me see where the workout will get the toughest, where I have to dig deep to stay in the game. Becoming familiar and comfortable in an uncomfortable situation is the key to doing your very best.


4. If it’s not broken, don’t change it

If I Train at 8 am every day and eat porridge and a banana every morning before I workout, I am not going to suddenly go and do my Open workout in the evening, change my diet and fill myself with pre workout. This will only set you up for failure. At the end of the day the CrossFit Open is just another workout, so stick to what you are used to because that is where you are at your best.


Jamie Italian Open Crossfit


5. Kick ass
Enjoy your self. We do this because it is fun. It is not meant to be stressful. Hit the workout with a training partner, push yourself to the limits and get the best score you can. Once that week is over, move on and look forward to the next week. Everyday, every challenge, every workout is a learning curve so don’t get stuck up on what went wrong. Celebrate what went well and move on. The more you enjoy it the better you will preform.


Keep an eye on our blog as I will be posting a video every Friday afternoon throughout the competition, where I will take you through the workouts and give you tips on how best to approach them. Below is our latest video on HSPU tips. Check it out!



Jamie Headon | Chapter2Fitness | CrossFit C2F