CrossFit C2F Programming Thursday 20th-26th - CrossFit C2F

CrossFit C2F Programming Thursday 20th-26th

Thursday OLY 20thFriday 21stSaturday 22nd
Run 100mRun 100mBench Day Baby l
10 Landing stance15 KB S
10 Snatch Pull3 Inch workLight Weight
5 Muscle Snatch5 Kipping pull up
4 rounds4 Rounds
5 Rounds5 Rounds
Power Snatch X 3Deadlift X 3 @ 85%
OH Squat X 2Rest 30 Sec
Snatch Bal X 1HSPU X 3
Rest 2 MinRest 2 Min
5 Rounds6 Rounds For TimeTeam WOD
8 Pull upRun 100m5 Rounds
4 C&J10 Burpees to bar30 Wall Ball
4 Front Squat30 KB Swing
30 Pushup
Run 100 M
Monday 24thTuesday 25thWednesday 26th
6 Min AMRAP4 Rounds3 Rounds
30 Sec Skip30 Sec HS Shoulder tap10 Pike up
5 Kipping Pull up10 Hollow Rock4 Broadjumb
10 Skater Squat10 Kipping swing6 Burpee
5 Sumo Squat
5 Rounds5 Rounds15 Min
Reverse KB Lunge X 20Push Press X 5 @ 75-85%5 Strict pull up to push away
rest 30 SecRest 30 SecPartner Head Stand 1 Min
Wall Climb Hold X 60 SecBent over KB Row X 1512 WTD Pistol
10 Min AMRAP21-15-9Partner 15 Min Split as needed
10 Wall BallDeadlift 80/5020 KB Push Press 24/16
5 BurpeeAir Squat100 Med ball Run
15 Sit upT2B10 Pull up