Name: Jamie Headon –
Age: 27
Academic achievements: UCD – BSc in Sport and Exercise management
CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Weightlifting
Why did you get into coaching: I have always been interested in testing myself, seeing how far I can push myself, learning new skills and taking on new fitness challenges.
My passion for coaching comes from helping people set and smash their goals and targets. Whether its someone training for a competitive sport, recovering from an injury or taking their first step into the gym. Every goal comes with different challenges. I enjoy helping my clients tackle any obstacles head on to reach their goals.
What is your current goal: My Goal is to compete at the 2021 CrossFit Games and be on the first European Team to podium at the Games.
CrossFit Achievements:
Irelands Fittest Man 2015/16/17
French Throwdown Winner 2016
CrossFit Regionals 2017
Amsterdam Throwdown 1st place 2018
Amorak Throwdown 2nd 2018
Marseille Throwdown 1st Place 2018
CrossFit Sanctionals French/ Italian/ Norweigan/ Filthy 150 – 2019/20
Qualified for theCrossFit Games Team Division 2020
Name: Sam Stewart
Age: 23
Academic achievements: Certificate in Sport Psychology (Level 8, IADT)
CrossFit Level 1, Weightlifting Ireland Level 1
Why did you get into coaching: I have a passion for health and fitness, I find the most fulfilment & success in coaching is when helping people discover enjoyment, consistency and results in their training & fitness journey, no matter what level they may be at!
What is your current goal: My goal is to qualify for the 2021 CrossFit Games!
CrossFit Achievements:
Europe Regionals 2018
The Lowlands Throwdown 2019
The French Throwdown 2019
Canwest Games 2019
Filthy150 2019
Dubai CrossFit Championship 2019
Strength in Depth 2020
Wodapalooza 2020 39th
Worldwide Open 2020
Name: Filippo Pesaresi
Age: 30
Academic achievements: Masters and Bachelors Degree in Management Engineering, CrossFit Level 1
Why did you get into coaching: I started CrossFit to keep competing and challenging myself after 10 years of playing professional Olympic handball. I am by nature a very enthusiast person and I love to bring that energy and enthusiasm into my coaching. I really enjoy training with the crew in C2F and am always the loudest in the room COMDOOO
What is your current goal: My goal for 2021 is to place top 10 in an Elite team Sanctional event. My Long Term goal is to podium in a Team Sanctional Event in 2023
CrossFit Achievements:
The French Throwdown Team 2019
Filthy150 Team 2019
Name: Sam Darley
Age: 21
Academic achievements: Finishing final year in the university of Maynooth
Why did you get into coaching: Growing up I played a lot of rugby and really fell in love with the training off the pitch, which due to injury became a massive part of my life for a number of years. As a result of this I found CrossFit, which made training a lot more interesting and challenging while also giving me the competitive outlet that my typical strength and conditioning wasn’t. I have just started coaching in C2F, having not long joined the gym and am currently training to hopefully make it to a level at which I can compete internationally with the other coaches here.
What is your current goal: Place in the Top 100 in Ireland in the 2021 CrossFit Open