Anna Conaty-  specializes in Neuromuscular sports Therapy.

I started my Neuromuscular therapy journey working with CrossFit athletes all over Europe including at the CrossFit games Regionals.


My passion for my work derives from the results I give to my clients. For athletes to compete at such a high level they have to have confidence in their body.

There are 3 key things I focus on

1. Maintance – weekly- monthly sessions to keep the body feeling mobile and nimble and prevent any injury
2. Deep tissue sports massage- 60 min intensive sessions to break down any tight muscle tissue/ knots causing discomfort/aches restricting movement or preventing you to reach full performance whether it be in work/in the gym or playing your chosen sport.
3. Rehab- 60 min session focusing on regaining your full range of movement post injury. The focus here is to put you back together so you can return to your job/sport/gym session without any residue pain from a previous injury.


After working in Neuromuscular therapy for over two years I have recognised the importance of looking after your body. Every day we put our body through different stressors from our work/training/sport. These stressors can create knots and tight muscle which results in pain and restricted movement such as tight neck/shoulders. My job is to release this stress through Neuromuscular therapy and have you feeling better than you have in years.

Price €60 per session, €45 for members.

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