Jamie Headon Athlete Camp


Train with Jamie Headon – Irelands Fittest Man 2015/16/17 and CrossFit Games Meridian Regionals Competitor 2017

This Athlete camp will focus specifically on Gymnastics and Olympic lifting. The camp is aimed toward intermediate to advanced levels of fitness.

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Chapter2Fitness/ CrossFit C2F Sandyford Ind Estate


Weekend 10th & 11th November 2018

1. Olympic Lifting:

Part 1: SNATCH, CLEAN & JERK Technique for maximal lifts

Part 2 Techniques for barbell cycling during a CrossFit workout

Part 3: Individualised Programming and accessory work to get stronger and pass over into hitting Personal Bests

2. Gymnastics:

The key focus is to improve technique, acquire new skills and learn how to perform skills under pressure and fatigue in a WOD environment.

We will look at different techniques to make your movements more efficient to get more reps in a competitive setting. 

3. Tips and Tricks:

Headon training tips, what makes my programme different to others.

This includes accessory work, gymnastics strength progressions…. the list goes on.

Find out the key exercises I use to bring all my training together and keep Building on my lifts and skills.

What’s Included?

  • Two 5 Hour Training Days
  • Camp Sponsored by Optimum Nutrition
  • Lunch Provided by Conatys catering
  • Individual Physio movement screen + Accesory Strength and Rehab exercises to build on weaknesses.
  • Price: €250 per person.

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