With encouragement and accountability from our Coaches and members at C2 Fitness there is opportunity for all fitness levels to improve and excel in everyday life. Whether that means becoming better at a specific sport, losing weight, becoming stronger, or just wanting to live a healthier and better lifestyle.

About Chapter2Fitness

What makes us unique

Chapter2 Fitness is a unique facility with a tremendous member base with a community-like feeling. Our gym mentality allows all members to feel that they are not only part of a workout, but rather a way of life. We are home to CrossFit C2F, Chapter2fitness’ registered Crossfit affiliation and Motion Matters, our in-house Physical Therapy Clinic

Our experienced coaches are from a wide variety of disciplines including Crossfit coaches and competitors, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Strength and Conditioning coaches and boxing coaches. As a result our classes, programmes and personal training models are unique, exciting, modern and varied, combining the best of these backgrounds and experiences.

At C2 Fitness we aim to improve your fitness, strength, balance, agility, coordination, movement and endurance through our range of high energy, high intensity group classes.

You can expect to be at the gym for at least 60 minutes. Wear comfortable gym attire that you can train in, and shoes that are suitable for indoor and outdoor activity.

In May 2014 Chapter2 Fitness opened its first facility to meet the demand of its members; and to be able to offer additional services to set them apart from the rest.

I was a complete gym newbie, let alone Crossfit which always seemed so intimidating. However, Jamie, Sam and the rest of C2F team have totally changed my outlook on the sport. My sessions are customised to my fitness level and always so much fun! I'm now consistently working out at least once every week and my health and fitness has improved drastically! Everyone in there from the coaches to the trainees are so supportive of each other that the unbelievably positive atmosphere in there is not like any gym I've ever been to. I cannot recommend them enough!


In September, I did the "Murph" workout challenge. I did this for the Bumbleance charity which does a free ambulance service for sick kids. The sense of community was incredible, everyone supported me while doing the challenge in the gym, members joined me on the workout, members sponsored the charity, members helped me make great videos to share online and increase the awareness of the challenge. On the last day, all the coaches joined me to do the workout. We raised €5000 for Bumbleance all thanks to this amazing place.

I go for the community and friendships I've built up there over the last 5 years. You won't find a better group of athletes in the country. Proud to be a part of this community with these people.


To future humans who would like to improve they’re lives... I moved gyms with a tight crew of best mates - 10 strong 💪🏼 We loved the excitement of the CrossFit, but also the dynamic of this amazing space - Sweat classes/ CrossFit classes & even masters classes. It’s a genuine gym with elite coaches that listen / guide you to your abilities and actually smile 😊- this is the best part. We’ve been through 3 lockdowns and all that aside it’s stronger than ever. I go everyday - some days just to stretch but it’s they best way to start the day