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At Chapter 2 Fitness – CrossFit C2F, we want you to come down to the gym to see our gym, meet our team and to experience what we do first hand before making any commitments. We do this in the form of Free trials and introductory sessions aka intros. As part of this introductory session we offer a movement assessment which includes mobility and flexibility screening and give you the opportunity to have all of your questions answered. For more information on getting started, and to see our prices, please check out our getting started page here!

If you are interested in booking a free movement assessment or if you just want to come down to see the place and have a chat please fill out the form bellow. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Chapter 2 Fitness/CrossFit c2F is a unique facility with a tremendous member base. Our gym allows all members to feel that they are not only part of a workout, but rather a way of life. Our classes take place in a fun, friendly and non threatening environment. With encouragement from our Coaches at Chapter 2 Fitness there is opportunity for all fitness levels to improve and excel in everyday life.

Every exercise and workout is scaled to all levels and tailored to each individual so everyone can enjoy their training and get the results they desire. Whether that means becoming better at a specific sport, losing weight, becoming stronger, or just wanting to live a healthier and better lifestyle Chapter 2 Fitness is for you, so book your free trial today and find out for yourself.


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