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Getting Started

All classes are coached classes scalable to all levels of fitness and abilities. In order to keep the high standard of coaching in class we require new members to go through our fundamental movement system. This includes 4 Personal training sessions where you receive a crash course on the key CrossFit movements/ Strength exercises and progressions which will allow you move smoothly into class.


How much and How do I get Started? 

Clients who are new to CrossFit or with limited experience in CrossFit are required to undergo a minimum of 4 Fundamentals training sessions until they have reached the basic standard and understanding of the movements and form required to take part in our classes. Our Fundamental movement course costs €200. This gives you the 4 Personal training sessions (€50 per session) and also gives membership to class for the remainder of the month from the date you sign up ie. if I start on the 10th September I have my membership until the 10th October. We believe it is best to do a minimum of 2 PT sessions a week when you start off. This will allow you to complete the Fundamental course within 2 weeks and have another 2 weeks membership to class.


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Next step is to organize a free intro session! This is a one on one session where we show you the gym, and also get a small workout in so you can see what CrossFit is all about! As part of this introductory session we offer a movement assessment which includes mobility and flexibility screening and give you the opportunity to have all of your questions answered.

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Membership after 1st month Fundamental System
All of our Price Plans include unlimited class attendance and cost the following:

  1. €130 p/m on a 12 month contract.
  2. €140 p/m on a 6 month contract.
  3. €150 p/m on a 3 month contract.


€15 pay as you go/drop in rate

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