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Meet The Members – Gillian Nolan


Name: Gill Nolan

Age:  26

Occupation: Marketing Executive
Sport:   I used to play hockey. Not anymore!

When did you join Chapter 2 Fitness
:     Summer 2014


Training background & why did you change or why did you join C2F: 

I played sport throughout school. I tried the gym a couple of times but always found it quite boring & didn’t really know what to do. I initially started with boxercise in C2F and loved the social side and having a coach there to motivate you.


What do you like about training at Chapter 2 Fitness?

Great coaching. A really friendly, fun atmosphere. It’s competitive in a very positive way, pushing you to work hard.


What positive changes have you noticed since you started training here?

Strength & fitness improved massively. I gained a lot more muscle and lost body fat. The classes are great for stress levels!


Would you recommend Chapter2Fitness and if so why:

100%! C2F has really changed my attitude towards fitness & exercise. I see being active as part of my lifestyle now and I enjoy it rather than it being a chore.

All members are very friendly, there’s a definite team atmosphere and a lovely social side to the gym.

The coaches are all brilliant. They’re very knowledgeable and professional without being intimidating.

Meet the Members – Philip Masterson

Philip Masterson CrossFit


Name: Philip Masterson
Age: 26
Occupation: Director of new venture for healthy food and specialty coffee


Currently Crossfit and skiing if I can once a year. Previously I started out horse riding from a young age stopped at about 13 years old where I then started rugby in school and also sailing in a local club. I gave up rugby after juniors and started riding again. I went up through the ranks in sailing and instructed for one season, when I gave it up to focus on riding, which then led to pursing show jumping as a career as I went through college. After college I spent a year abroad in the Netherlands riding for a dealer.

When did you join Chapter 2 Fitness:

Officially I joined C2F last May but I had trained in C2F when 353 were there


Training background & Why did you Join C2F?:Philip Masterson CrossFit

I had done some weight lifting in school but had no direction as how or what to do but I have always been very active in sports. When I finished show jumping I was fairly scrawny and weighed just over 11 stone. When I finished riding I wanted to keep fit and get in a bit of shape so I did some local bootcamps but got to a stage where it became a bit repetitive, boring and very limiting. It was better than going to the gym on your own but still fairly basic.

I had been doing Crossfit for about 2 years before joining C2F and I moved there because I wanted to get competitive, and it was their expert coaching that attracted me combined with the fact that they cater for everyone in a great environment at competitive pricing. So if you just want to get fit or lose weight you can and if or when you want to take it to the next level you have it all with a physiotherapist watching over you.


What do you like about training at Chapter 2 Fitness: For me it’s got to be that I know I’m in very good hands and the coaches tailor programming to your needs and in my case it’s to compete. It’s also great if you are under pressure for time you can get in and out in one hour and have a great workout in that hour. I feel what s unique about C2F is they have good balance between their clients there is something for everyone and they tailor it to you.


What positive changes have you noticed since you started training here:
Mobility, Strength and fitness have dramatically increased. I couldn’t touch my toes and now I can squat +90kg over my head. It’s also a great way to relieve any stress in your life (not that I’d have any)


Would you recommend Chapter2Fitness and if so why:
110%, it’s a great way to achieve your fitness/weight goals no matter what they with a great group of people.