Chapter 2 Fitness/CrossFit c2F is a unique facility with a tremendous member base with a community-like feeling. Our gym mentality allows all members to feel that they are not only part of a workout, but rather a way of life. With encouragement and accountability from our Coaches and members at Chapter 2 Fitness there is opportunity for all fitness levels to improve and excel in everyday life. Whether that means becoming better at a specific sport, losing weight, becoming stronger, or just wanting to live a healthier and better lifestyle. At Crossfit C2F we have the added benefit of being run by a Physical Therapist who has his practice on site.


Great Company. Lovely people and very professional 🙂

Ciamha Foley

After a couple of fitness sessions with this dedicated team I feel much sharper and toned than ever before. Only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.

Jonathan Finnegan

Great gym. Just had one tough workout. The instructors really know their stuff!

Michael McCarthy